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Portada AMFMHappily Kept or Miserably Independent? (New Version B de Bolsillo, Ediciones B, 2013).
Happily Kept or Miserably Independent? takes an irreverent look at the factors preventing modern women from being happy and satisfied with their choices in life. It is a hilarious, true-to-life deconstruction of women who work, receive a (normally inadequate) salary, go to the gym, keep up with fashion, try to meet men in bars (or anywhere else), live alone and pay their own bills, and a witty examination of the “other type of women”; those who prefer to get married and have kids, find them a good school, keep a clean and tidy home, have coffee with friends when they can, keep the cupboards full, and try to stay pretty so that no scheming single girl can take all this away from them!
Divided into three sections, entitled “You Don’t Miss It Until It’s Gone”, “Wonder Women or Super Bitches?” and “Only Alone”, Happily Kept or Miserably Independent? takes the reader on a fascinating tour of these separate worlds that occasionally collide. Isabella Santo Domingo believes in the power of laughter therapy and the ability of humour to fix heartbreak, heal the deepest emotional wounds and help deal with the daily setbacks we all fall victim to. With this manual, replete with countless tricks, techniques and strategies and chock-full of valuable advice, she will help every woman recognise and understand “the roots of our female traumas and how to deal with the frustration they create!”

Nov 012012

Isabella Santo Domingo, (Ediciones B, September 2012) presents, in an entertaining, humorous and highly sardonic fashion, the different stages of the emotional disaster known as “heartbreak”. She delivers us a warning and shows us how to interpret our partners’ “signals”, so that the breakup doesn’t catch us off guard – and so that our suffering isn’t so interminable or terrible. Santo Domingo knows what she’s talking about, and is able to laugh at herself while remembering the mistakes she’s made.

The end of a relationship is possibly one of the most miserable situations we can experience, and will all experience at least once, in our lives. Waking up one day and suddenly finding yourself to be alone (again), simply because some insensitive, inconsiderate individual decided without any further explanation to just up and leave you forever, can only be compared to how you feel when you’re walking down the street (whether alone or with friends) and a bird flying overhead decides to “deposit” the contents of its bowels right onto your head…

At some point in our lives we’ve all felt betrayed, downtrodden by disappointment. We don’t know how to face the “afterwards” and we believe we’re still in love with the one we lost, just because they’re not there anymore. We continue clinging on to false hopes, searching for reasons and motives to help us understand the breakup, and we make mistake after mistake trying to win back our love, chasing ghosts and laying the blame on others.

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Jan 172011
Gentlemen Prefer Airheads is a delightful jack-in-the-box of a book that not only keeps us thoroughly entertained, but also makes us think about contemporary issues: the battle of the sexes; why we get married; relationships and the “second-hand” market; men we should avoid like the plague; “convenient” machismo; and many other fascinating topics that are explored by the beautiful and talented Isabella Santo Domingo.

Santodomingo, who defines herself as professionally successful but emotionally unstable, has produced a complex, polemical, irreverent and indispensable guide to understanding the real intentions of an idiosyncratic specimen of the so-called “weaker sex”. In the words of another former specimen, “this book reflects the woman it examines: the schizophrenia of lucidity”. Breathless in tone and with a rollercoaster rhythm, we are whisked through this thoroughly absorbing book that will have us exclaiming “What the hell?!” time and time again.

Gentlemen Prefer Airheads doesn’t just poke fun; it opens up a can of worms, will make the prudish among us blush, and will fix and break more than one marriage. This incorrigible diva leaves us helpless with laughter as her acid wit takes aim at men and women equally. Ultimately, however, this book shows us that we are not divided but rather bound irredeemably together in the tragicomedy of life.

Over 250,000 copies sold in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Ecuador.

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Sep 042010

Bilingual Colombian journalist established in Atlanta, Georgia since 2002. Graduated from Social Communication and Journalism of Sabana University, she has worked as a local news and entertainment reporter for several Hispanic newspapers in Atlanta.  She was the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Muévelo Magazine, a national publication printed until 2006, targeted to the Hispanic women in the US. Currently, she is finishing the Master in Communications program at Georgia State University. Although journalism was the root of her career, her true passion is fantasy fiction writing. With El Lago de los Milagros (The Lake of Miracles), her first novel, she intends to talk about the intense battle inside every human being, that is the battle between good an evil, and the capacity to choose our own destiny, in an existence where dreams are the true reason to live on.

Mar 292010

Las mujeres del tío Sam

Valeria is a successful, professional woman in her late twenties, from a good family.  One night, fate intervenes in her life and those of her friends when they meet a group of sailors and start longing to experience the American Dream in their own country. The sailors are handsome, well-built and above all mysterious, giving away nothing about themselves or their lives. The women are seduced by them and drawn irresistibly into an enigmatic world full of new and painful experiences. Through Valeria’s narrative the reader meets a variety of intriguing characters and discovers stories both romantic and sordid. Uncle Sam’s Women is a tale of loving relationships, erotic encounters and prostitution, involving a group of beautiful young Colombian women and mysterious American soldiers – could they be mercenaries? – who have travelled to Colombia on a top-secret mission. 

In this revelatory book, based on real-life events, Pilar Triviño presents a series of dramatic and electrifying stories that will tug at the heartstrings of everyone who reads them. This sensitive work is at once a contemporary reflection on the effect of foreign forces in a country riven by civil war and a map of the human spirit, on which the power of the dollar, the drive towards colonialism and the depth of passions are clearly marked. Moreover, its surprising finale will have readers mulling over their own conclusions long after finishing the final page.